DeWitty, Nebraska

The largest African-American settlement in Nebraska, located in the Sand Hills of Nebraska.

Although the Sand Hills was and still is a strong unrelenting adversary, these early pioneers found their paradise. They found that peace that had been so elusive. Folks out this way were a different breed. They understood the wind, sand and the water. They knew to survive meant they would all have to come together and brave the environment collectively to survive or perish.

So read on and learn about the people of DeWitty, their struggles, dreams, successes, and legacies. Read on and learn how they shared their lives with the folks in neighboring ranches and towns. Read on and learn how their legacies have continued on stimulating each descendant to be all we can be.

We have come together to share the lives and struggles of our ancestors and to demonstrate how their dreams have come true. We plan to introduce the reader to eight families that will demonstrate a wonderful cross section of the many people who came from many corners of America and Canada in hopes of peace and a better life.



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